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Question   Great Stuff
Hey Carolyn - after reading comments and seeing some of your stuff on BetterPhoto I decided to have a squizz at your site - you've some really awesome stuff here - wish I had your backyard onto sunsets!!

- Robyn Gwilt September 17, 2005

  Answer Thanks Robyn. I'm lucky with the sunsets for sure. We do get some great ones. Guess its the location where all those fronts collide.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  September 17, 2005

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Question   Your work
Carolyn, I too am visiting after you responded to a question I had on BP. Your work is tremendous! I hope to be at your level someday. Betsy Bie www.pbase.com/betsyb

- Betsy E. Bie September 11, 2005

  Answer Thanks for the nice comment!!! Much appreciated!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  September 12, 2005

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Question   just admiring your work
your work is wonderful I so enjoyed
it you are so very very talented
God bless you and your talent thanks for sharing this with me and others

-  August 19, 2005

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Question   just admiring your work
your work is wonderful I so enjoyed
it you are so very very talented
God bless you and your talent thanks for sharing this with me and others

-  August 19, 2005

  Answer Thank you, Joanne! I appreciate your nice comments!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  August 20, 2005

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Question   Brilliant and Inspiring
I felt awe when I looked through your pictures. They are so clear and colorful, and your sunsets are to die for! I will come back and visit, for inspiration. Thanks for sharing your talent.
Kimberly Miner

- Kimberly C. Miner August 19, 2005

  Answer Thanks so much Kimberly!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  August 19, 2005

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Question   Flawless
Hi,I`m Mina,21,f ,iranian....I found your masterpieces at betterphoto.com ,and then I rushed to see more n more of your great shots at your own website.They are really great, god bless you n I wish to see n
enjoy more of your wonderful shots.

-  August 01, 2005

  Answer Thank you, Mina! I appreciate your nice comments! Come back and visit often!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  August 01, 2005

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Question   Praise!!
OMG, Carolyn, that image on your front page is SOOOO incredibly beautiful!! I love it!! The colors and golden hue is just amazing!! I'm sorry I don't get over here much to comment, I haven't had much time to browse BP with the kids out of school!! Thanks for your comments on my images, and my dad says hi!!

Keep up the great work, you're one of the very best photographers I know, lady!! I'm glad to know you!!


- Dale Ann Cubbage July 14, 2005

  Answer Thanks Dale Ann. Hope we can get together again one day soon!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  July 15, 2005

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Question   Inspiration
I discovered your website after reading an answer you gave to a question in BP. I should be upset for you making my photos look so dodgy by comparison, but I am simply amazed by talent. It was a pleasure, a privilidge and an inspiration to view your work.
Steve F

- Steve Fels June 26, 2005

  Answer Thank you, Steve. I so appreciate your nice comments!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  June 27, 2005

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Question   *claps* BRAVO!
Hey Carolyn,
We met today in the Butterfly exhibit in the Oklahoma City Zoo, you gave me your card. As soon as I got home, I looked up your site, amazing pictures. I love your shots, and how you get the right light in every single picture. You have a very awesome way of seeing the world. Thank you so much for giving me your website, it made my day.

-  June 16, 2005

  Answer Thanks for looking, Cory!! Much appreciated!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  June 18, 2005

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Question   Beauty
Hi Carolyn,
I just stopped by to congratulate you on all of your outstanding and certainly inspiring images that you have made! Your website is certainly a tribute to the beauty of the world around us and you have the artist’s eye to see and capture it…
Extremely well done!

Ed Heaton

-  June 13, 2005

  Answer Thanks Ed!! I so much love your work also! Glad you like mine!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  June 13, 2005

  Answer Hi Carolyn
I just *had* to visit your site because I always seem to miss your latest BetterPhoto uploads - its hard being in a different time zone, I miss my chance to see your newest images!
I must say how impressed I am with your wonderful photos which grace this glorious gallery.
:-) ddu

- Donna Roberts  October 25, 2005

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Question   your animal shots
I've just looked through your animal photos and what a laugh. You have a great eye for catching just the right expressions and afterwards giving the pics a really catching title, Carolyn.

Greetings, Mette- will be back another day:-)

- Mette Vendelboe Allison  June 13, 2005

  Answer Thanks Mette. I think a good title is always fun to come up with if you can. Come back often!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  June 13, 2005

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Question   Buzzaholics
Carolyn, I was looking for above, is there such a group or did you just make it up, I dont have buzz, think Murry told me what it is but have forgot, May I say a congratulations on all the fine images you have in your gallery, plus all the finalist amd winning medals.

Stan Kwasniowski

- Stan Kwasniowski June 04, 2005

  Answer Thanks Stan!! We made up the Buzzaholics Anonymous. It's a "simplifier" filter and you can get it from www.Fo2pix.com . I've gotten away from using it as much as I used to, but it still comes in mighty handy sometimes. I wouldn't want to get rid of it.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  June 05, 2005

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Question   Beautiful Work
You have a amazing eye for Photography! Your images are clear and Brilliant, They are interesting and inspiring! I veiw your photo's and get a sense of the time and space where the picture was taken! The viewer actually stop's in your gallery and soak it in to generate a feeling! This is photography at its finest! Byates (Fellow BP member)

- Bryan Yates May 20, 2005

  Answer Wow, thanks so much, Bryan!! I surely do appreciate your kind words!!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  May 20, 2005

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Question   WOW !

- Sharon L. Wack April 18, 2005

  Answer Thanks Sharon!! Sorry I didn't answer you. I'm not getting my BP e-mails for some reason. Glad you like my stuff!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  April 22, 2005

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Question   Sunsets
Just had time to check out your sunsets-some very fine shots. I also have a special spot near my home that has provided me with an award winning shot of a sunset. I am definately going to have return after being inspired by your work. Thank you for sharing

-  March 23, 2005

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Question   Thanks!
I LOVE your Fantasy Florals! Thanks for giving me a nice break from my hectic work day. I'll check in often!

-  March 21, 2005

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Question   Phantastic Photography
Love your work! Especially the cars -- a love of mine! I found your site from betterphoto.com where I am a member too. My website is www.devynnbohnphotography.com. I will keep your site tabbed and would love to see more of your work!

-  March 21, 2005

  Answer Thank you, Devynn!! I'm glad you like it. I'll check out your site!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  March 21, 2005

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Question   Buzzed?
I have photoshop cs and is buzzed an option in that program? I don't remember seeing it. If not waht would compare to it? Linda
Love your work!

- Linda D. Lester March 11, 2005

  Answer No, you have to buy it. I'll e-mail you with details.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  March 12, 2005

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Question   Great Site
Hi Carolyn,

Just dropped by to see what's new. Wow what a great home page image--a real jaw-dropper. And, as usual, the rest of the site is great too.

All the Best,

- Jeff Galbraith February 18, 2005

  Answer Well aren't you sweet to say so!! Thanks Jeff!!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  February 18, 2005

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Question   Great Photography and Web Site
Your work is outstanding. I love to see your new postings to Travelok.com

-  February 08, 2005

  Answer Thanks Rhett!! I'm glad you like them!! If you like to photograph things here in Oklahoma, get in touch, there's a good fun thing coming up in April!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  February 08, 2005

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