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Question   nice web site
Hi, I am a member of betterphoto.com and I found your site through them. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. I am a beginner photographer, but someday I would love to make this my career. I recently started a little website, check it out if you want. www.geocities.com/jenzphotos/saycheese .
Let me know what you think.

- Jen January 26, 2005

  Answer I'll check it out, Jen. Thanks for looking!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  January 27, 2005

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Question   Fantastic Photography
I have led my high school photography students to betterphoto.com for the past three semesters where I have them view galleries to study the composition techniques and lighting techniques used by the photographers. Your galleries are now at the top of my list. The Buzzes gallery was my favorite. Your images are beautiful!

-  January 19, 2005

  Answer You can get the Buzz free trial (30 tries) at www.Fo2pix.com
Glad you like them. I'm a charter member of Buzzaholics Anonymous. LOL
I see you handle Iowa from your othe e=mail. I was born and raised in Mason City!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  January 19, 2005

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Question   Photography
My name is Tammy Scott and I am a member of BetterPhoto.com. I came across one of your pictures today so I decided to take a look through your gallery. I just had to tell you that your photographs are absolutely wonderful. You have quite a way of capturing a moment that I wish I had. I have really enjoyed browsing through your photographs. Thank you for adding to the world....

- Tammy Scott January 09, 2005

  Answer Thanks so much, Tammy! Looking foreward to seeing your work on BP.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  January 10, 2005

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Question   Great photography
Hi Carolyn,
Enjoying your wonderful photography. Great website.

- Carol Engstrom January 02, 2005

  Answer Thanks Carol! I'm looking forward to seeing your new site!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  January 02, 2005

  Answer Carolyn, Your photography is great!! Your site is just beautiful!

- Kathleen R. Struckle  April 05, 2005

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Question   Inspiration & Admiration
Hi Carolyn,
I'm new to BetterPhoto.com and it wasn't long before I was drawn to your shots. You posted a black and white photo of a pup in a car - whose owners were at your (or a neighbors'?) yard sale. After reading everyone wonderful comments (including yours) - the trek led me to your gallery. Your photographs are so well done, in every respect! I'm sure to visit often and try to glean from your fine work. Thank you for sharing!!

- Criseyda Koonce November 26, 2004

  Answer Thanks Criseyda! So happy you like my shots! You will enjoy this website for learning. Everyone is really helpful and willing to share what they know.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 27, 2004

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Question   comment
i have throughly enjoyed browsing through your photographs. you are very talented and have a good eye for beauty and lots of color.
your photographs seem to come alive and makes you want to go inside them. gorgeous photos. thanks tonya cinnamon

-  November 03, 2004

  Answer Thanks a lot, Tonya!! I'm happy you like them!! I do tend to like a lot of color.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 03, 2004

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Question   Photography
I really enjoy looking at your picture's, it's like going to a museum and I feel like I'm dreaming looking at some of the nature photo's. My main question is, have you taken any photography classes anywhere and if so where do you recomend going, if online classes are available would you recomend taking any?
From David in Oceanside CA.
I have dreams of becoming a photographer, and picture's like your's and many other's are inspiring. Thank you.

-  October 20, 2004

  Answer Thank you David. No, I have never taken a course, but I know a lot of others who have taken the courses at www.betterphoto.com and they sure do recommend them. You get some personal attention there and they limit class size to facilitate this. I learned everything I have picked up from the great folks on that site. Good luck!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  October 20, 2004

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Question   great work
i love your work , especially the sunsets , they are my all time favorites . I am a real amatuer at this.about 2 years , I am trying to learn with my new Canon rebel . I will use you for my inspiration, i'll be back to check out yuor new photos.. hope to be as good as you one day

-  October 05, 2004

  Answer Don't give up, Cindy! I've only been at it about 4 years and have never taken a class or anything. I learned everything I know, which isn't all that much, on BP and from the BP members.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  October 05, 2004

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Question   Wonderful site, Carolyn!
I see your photos on BP all the time- and really admire your style. Lake Eufala is a favorite place of mine- we visit the area often. Your pet photos are my favorites- I am working on getting as good as you are at it!
Keep inspiring me! Thanks for sharing.

- Kay K. McIntire September 29, 2004

  Answer Thanks so much, Kay! Where are you located? If you want to get together some time, let me know! I'd love to have someone to go shooting with once in a while!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  September 29, 2004

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Question   Awesome Collection!
I only touched the surface of your awesome collection, Carolyn, but I plan to return frequently. You combine beauty and fun and do it with great style and technique.

Though not quite a buzzaholic, I am a buzz fan.

Best wishes,

- Deborah C. Lewinson September 17, 2004

  Answer Thanks so much Debby! I so appreciate your nice comments!!!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  September 18, 2004

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Question   Cool site
Hey Carolyn, have not visited your gallery for some time and now I see a lot of new wonderful shots from you. Keep up the good work.

- Jasmine Chua L. July 30, 2004

  Answer Thanks Jasmine! I love your work, too! I appreciate you visiting!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  July 30, 2004

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Question   complement / feedback
Very nice images, it had to be a delight taking these. I caught the "bug" about a year ago and would like to get better equipment, but would love to get some feedback from you when you have time. Thank you for the beauty you see in all the images.
Carolyn H.

-  July 20, 2004

  Answer Any time!! Just e=mail me and we can chat! I'm always wanting somebody to talk to. I've not been at it too long,either. About 3 or 4 years. And I could fill pages on the equipment I don't have. LOL

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  July 20, 2004

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Question   Hello!
Hi Carolyn! You said to sign your guestbook - so here I am! I'm on an extremely slow dial-up which costs me by the hour, but what I've seen so far (especially in your BP Member Gallery) is just fantastic!!
Keep up the great work!

- Diane Dupuis July 14, 2004

  Answer Thans Diane!! I'm also on dial-up, but mine has a local number, so despite their problems, which are many, I'm sticking until we get DSL.. I can't get it now in this area. SO glad you liked my shots!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  July 15, 2004

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Question   Beautiful work
Hi Classmate, I was looking through some old e-mails and caught the one from Wilma that mentioned your website. Thought I would take a look!!! Wow!! Your pictures and your talents are amazing and beautiful!!! Unfortunately I just have dial-up so it was taking too much time to download or I would have gone through every one of them. You are the kind of photographer I always wished I could be. Awesome! Linda

-  June 04, 2004

  Answer Hi Linda! Thanks so much. I also only have dial up so you have my sympathy! I'll see you at the 45th??? I'm about half packed already. LOL..It should be fun. So happy you enjoyed the photos!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  June 05, 2004

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Question   Dreams
Hi Carolyn, Wow! Your B-day photo caught my eye, which led me to writing this note. Your photos are beautiful, my dad was from OK,(El Reno), and I never dreamed it could look like this! Thank you for "exposing" a different side of my past to me. You and your photos are inspiring!

Thank you again and Best Wishes, Teresa Wilkinson

p.s. It's nice to see another photographer using Sony. tsw

- Teresa Wilkinson June 03, 2004

  Answer Thanks so much, Teresa! I'm in the pretty half of the state! They call it Green Country over here for a good reason. Glad you like the shots. I have two Sonys..one of them an old 1.6MP FD92 that I still like best! The other one is a DSC F717 and I'm still trying to get used to it. I like it except for the placement of the zoom.(I'm left handed and it's backwards for me).
I appreciate your comment!!!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  June 03, 2004

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Question   Just buzzing around
Hey Carolyn, just thought I'd drop a note and let you know I stopped by your site today. The new images look great and I especially like the spring buzzes from the park!! Don't forget to take my link off your site because it is going away pretty soon.

- Murry Grigsby May 20, 2004

  Answer Thanks for stopping by, Murry!! Always glad to see you! I'll get you off there by September. Do you want the new one on? If so, send it to me and I'll put it up.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  May 20, 2004

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Question   Hi Carolyn
I just wanted to come in and let you know that I love all the pictures you take of my children...mostly Emilee's considering Zackary does not like having his picture taken. You do a great job with Emilee and I am so glad that you enjoy taking her pictures. I share them with all my friends. I love reading all the discussion about her on your gallery through betterphotos.com. It brings a BIG smile to my face!

Thanks from a very proud mother!

-  April 13, 2004

  Answer Thanks Ally!! Emilee has brought a few smiles to MY face also!! And the faces of the viewers of this site. She is one amazing model!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  April 13, 2004

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Question   Hello Carolyn!
I really LOVE your photos. A great and creative eye and imagination.
Thank you for sharing. I'll be back and keep watching your new additions!

- Kenton L. Elliott March 27, 2004

  Answer Thank you, Kenton! Glad you like them!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  March 27, 2004

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Question   Buzzes&Dreams
Hi Carolyn. I just looked at your Buzzes & Dreams section. The pictures are beautiful!! I loved everyone of them! I will definitely have to check into that "Buzz" feature. Great Site!

- Leesa White March 14, 2004

  Answer You will love the Buzz filter if you get it. You can get 30 free tries before you have to buy it. Go to www.Fo2pix.com and it's the Buzz Simplifier #1. Glad you enjoyed looking at mine!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  March 15, 2004

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Question   First visit
Hi Carolyn,
just took a peep around your site...love it, makes me feel like a boy in short trousers!
Hope I can aspire to your level....congrats from across the water.


- Andy Middleton March 10, 2004

  Answer Thanks Andy! You don't do so bad yourself! Just shoot a lot and throw most of it out, just like I do! LOL

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  March 10, 2004

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