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Question   Looking at your website
I didn't get through the albums but did manage to see the pets shots. I love them. As an older photographer and owner of two cats (since last week) they do make for some really great pictures. Well done!

- Sara West November 22, 2003

  Answer Thank you Sara!! They do make for a lot of fun shots!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 23, 2003

  Answer I loved your porno shots.

-  May 02, 2007

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Question   Fantastic collection!!
Had a ball looking at your photos and I didn't even see them all! Your scenics are the best - buZZed or unbuZZed. So awesome that you can capture all of these magnificant places and share them with us!

As much as I love them, your animal photos, and particularly the kitties are my all-time favorites! You capture those kids in priceless expressions and situations!

Good luck with your website! Hope you enjoy some prosperity from your hard, but enjoyable work!

- Patricia A. Kuniega November 21, 2003

  Answer Thanks a lot, Pat. Appreciate you taking the time to look! The kids say hi.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 22, 2003

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Question   AWWWWSOMMME MANNNN!!!! :-)
You make most of us smucks look like rank amatures... probably because we are! "GRIN"... I didnt even know this was your site Carolyn until I saw your name... but before then I was just thinking that this person truley is gifted when it comes to photography! I just love the layout of your site so much and I am so impressed by the amount of stunning imagery that you have here... You are truly one inspirational lady Carolyn... thanks for sharing your talents with us!!! I was going to say your number 1 fan but Donna already has that title... unless of course she wants to share "SMILE"
Cheers Adam

- Adam Bolt November 20, 2003

  Answer Wow, thanks Adam!! Donna will share! LOL
So glad you like the site! Come back often!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 20, 2003

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Question   Comment
WOW, Carolyn! Jim and I have been browsing this wonderful site. Congratulations. Hope I can get my calendar, soon! You will no doubt have an easy time with PhotoShop! The stump removal was darn good. Did you do that one?
Thanks for sharing this site with us.
Keep up the great skill you have.
As Always, Jim and Philo

-  November 17, 2003

  Answer Thanks you two!! Appreciate the support! Yes, I did the stump removal all by myself! Aren't you proud? See you in August at the reunion.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 18, 2003

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Question   Lovely Site Carolyn
Hi Carolyn,

Just thought that I would drop by and check out your new site. Glad I did. I especially like your buzzed scapes--true works of art.

All the Best, Jeff

- Jeff Galbraith November 17, 2003

  Answer Thanks Jeff!! So happy you did!! Keep up your wonderful shots!! And congrats on getting married!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 18, 2003

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Question   Congratulations!!
Excellent Website, Carolyn. I've been browsing for an hour and enjoying every photograph. Gorgeous. Good Luck!!

-  November 15, 2003

  Answer Wow, Sandra! Glad you enjoyed them!! Thanks.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 16, 2003

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Question   Great Site
Great Site Carolyn!!!

You did a great job! Nice to see your wonderful work has a home! :-)


- Damian P. Gadal November 15, 2003

  Answer Thanks Damian!! So glad you came by!! Keep up all your colorful work! I'm liking it a lot!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 15, 2003

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Question   Wow Carolyn !
Wow Carolyn, beautiful website, beautiful photography. I suspect it's an indication of the beauty within. I can hardly wait 'til I get my calendar. And, I'm so delighted that we are in touch again.

-  November 15, 2003

  Answer Hey Paul...My favorite old dance partner! Remember the Surf and all our silliness back when!! We need to keep in touch for sure!! Hugs!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 15, 2003

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Question   Wowee, you go girl!
Congratulations on your amazing collection of photography!!!! Your site is A plus plus!!!! Love it!!!!!!!

- Jean Papo November 15, 2003

  Answer Wow, an A++ ...that's good!! Thanks!! I love your kitty shots..You need one of these sites!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 15, 2003

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Question   Wonderful Work~!
Hi Carolyn: Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful photos with us. I am very impressed! Congratulations! Keep up the great work, Cousin!

-  November 15, 2003

  Answer Hi, Marcia..
Thanks for checking in! Keep in touch!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 15, 2003

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Question   Congratulations Carolyn
Many congrats on your new site, Carolyn! Great stuff!!!

- Evy Johansen November 14, 2003

  Answer Evy, thanks!! Now if I can just get some photoshop skills like you...
Thanks for checking in.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 15, 2003

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Question   Nice stuff!
Very nice stuff Caroyln. It's nice to see your work as a collection.

-  November 14, 2003

  Answer Thanks Bob, you've been super helpful to me, and I really appreciate it.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 15, 2003

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Question   Here I am!
How cool is this! I need some business cards from you to give out at the University...If nothing else...I get bragging rights! (smile)

-  November 14, 2003

  Answer Darling Daughter, you shall have some!! BTW, phone home!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 15, 2003

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Question   Congrats!
Congrats on your new website, Carolyn! It's a terrific showcase of your wonderful images!

- Sherri Conley November 14, 2003

  Answer Hi Sherri! Thanks for commenting. Much appreciated!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 14, 2003

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Question   your website
yay, you did it! you should be proud,
Carolyn, of this superb site! I'm
so glad it's here to visit.

- Arthur Rosch November 13, 2003

  Answer Thanks Art!! So glad my favorite starman stopped by!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 13, 2003

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Question   It's about time!! Congratulations
Hi Carolyn,We have all waited a long time to see you with a site and it surely looks great!! Congratulations, fellow short person! Your work is absolutly FANTASTIC!!

- Donna R. Moratelli November 11, 2003

  Answer Donna, you know how much help you have been, answering all my stupid questions at all hours, and if you hadn't come to my rescue on my very first submission, I would have probably given up. So, thanks from the bottom of my black little heart!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 13, 2003

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Question   Very Impressive
Very impressive website Carolyn, full of beautiful images. I'll be back.

- Nicola Clark November 10, 2003

  Answer Thanks Nicola, come on over any time!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 13, 2003

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Question   Your Wonderful Website
Your site looks awesome, Carolyn! Congratulations and I wish you much success!

- Joy Brown November 10, 2003

  Answer Thanks fellow morning person! You know I'm a great admirer of yours, so thanks for your help and support!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 13, 2003

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Question   love it
Congratulations on your new site, Carolyn, it looks great. I especially love the 'dogs & cats & cows in hats' gallery....good luck and don't forget us when you become rich & famous!

- Ellen Peach November 10, 2003

  Answer Thanks Ellen..Yeah, like THAT's gonna happen! LOL..Appreciate your checking out the site.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 13, 2003

  Answer A Big Hand to you Carolyn...fantastic work and a fantastic site...you should be proud!!!!You deserve only the BEST!!!!!...Suzie

- Suzie Strasburg  November 13, 2003

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Question   Carolyn's website

You've done a great job with your site. As usual your photography is just outstanding. Keep up the great work.

-  November 10, 2003

  Answer Hey, Lowell! Glad to see you over here! Thanks for checking it out!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 13, 2003

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