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Question   Hi there kiddo
Thanx for the welcome back my friend. Yes I am back on a regular basis again and this is my first entry into the contest in a few years. Are you still at'fletch41@att.net' which is the last address I've got for you. I hope you are well and we'll chat soon. I missed you guys a lot - Allan

- Allan L. Whitehead June 07, 2011

  Answer Still the same email, yes! It's been a bit of a struggle around here. Cotton has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but so far the meds are keeping him fairly stable. Not the best situation for me, with my lack of patience on a good day..it's non existant the rest of the time. But I guess it is what it is and I'll have to deal with it. Lots of changes at BP.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  June 07, 2011

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Question   Sky Shots
You truly have some awesome sky shots, Carolyn!

- Anita Hogue April 14, 2011

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Question   Nice Pictures
Great pictures Fletch. WOW. Great talent and great eye. Enjoyed the pictures very much. Thanks for sharing.

- Sherry Joseph March 10, 2011

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Question   Beautiful photography
Stunning. I hope to visit often.

- Mickey Ross March 04, 2011

  Answer Hey, good to find someone who ageres with me. GMTA.

- Johnie Johnie  January 30, 2012

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Question   Thankyou for adding me.
What a fabulous gallery of out of this world photographs.Thankyou so much for excepting the friend request on Facebook..Regards from Kos Greece..tracy gymellas..

- Tracy Gymellas November 25, 2010

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Question   September's Song of the Skies
A beautiful series in September, Carolyn. I so enjoyed the variation of colours, clouds and light! You are a master of the skies!

- Marilyn Cornwell October 02, 2010

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Question   Your Images
Carolyn, I spent some time looking through the images on your website...your work is beautiful and inspiring! I'll be visiting again to see what's new! ~Carol Eade

- Carol Eade September 28, 2010

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Question   Images
I stumbled on your site and really like your images. Keep it up!
Kind regards

- Graham Johansson September 06, 2010

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Question   Hey Cousin!
Hi Carolyn ~
Your photos are FABULOUS! I envy your talent. Tell me what I can do to take photos like that! Let's keep in touch!

- Marcia (Davission) Taylor March 31, 2010

  Answer great photos great work-your photos are beautiful-look forward to checking your gallery often to see whats new

- Neal D. Hatcher  June 17, 2011

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Question   Love your work!
Dear Carolyn:

I recently discovered you awesome work. It is no wonder you have won so many of the photo contests.
As, I am an animal lover I am especially attracted to that work. I can't wait to see what you add next.


-  January 09, 2010

  Answer Dear Carolyn, I agree. I would love for you to make some Photos Of Birds, Butterflies, Flowers, etc. in Oklahoma, or anywhere you choose. I'm sure they would be great!!

- Shirley R.  February 18, 2010

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Question   The art of the artist
Your photos are calming. You are a true artist. Love the Beavers Bend photos.

- Dian Jordan January 09, 2010

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Question   Hello
Hi Carolyn ~
Great Photos! You are very good. Perhaps you can give me some pointers. Would love to visit you someday.

- Marcia Taylor September 26, 2009

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Question   thanks Carol
Hi Carol, Thank you for mentioning me in your bio! I sincerely appreciate it!
You are a great photographer and true friend.
Keep up the great work.Best regards, Donna Rae Moratelli.

- Donna R. Moratelli July 07, 2009

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Question   cat picture
hi carolyn - I got one of your photo cards at a m.c.h.s. reunion a few years ago and kept it - recently matted it and it is hanging in my newly remodeled bathroom - it is "cat in the shadow" or something similar - it looks great and I thank you

- nancy sherman January 29, 2009

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Question   Your Gallery
Hi Carolyn,

You have an amazing Gallery full of beautiful images! I always enjoy seeing your work and the Beauty that you have captured!!

- Jeff Robinson January 28, 2009

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Question   Skies!
Lovely, Carolyn! I followed your link on BetterPhoto.com to look at your 300+ skies and cloud formation photos. Thanks for the invitation - they are wonderful! I love the sky too!


P.S. Thanks for your reply to my question about the BetterPhoto changes last night!

- Leslie Carson Wolfe January 26, 2009

  Answer Wonderful Images Carolyn, I am a member of the Stonehouse Male Voice Choir which you allowed us use one of your beautiful Sky Scenes for our latest CD. we hope that you enjoy our music almost as much aswe enjoy your photography. Thanks graham

- Graham Sinclair  April 28, 2009

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Question   Site
You have such a beautiful site. I enjoyed just myself so much. Makes me want to travel.

- Diane L. Thomas October 08, 2008


- Ron Roberts  December 19, 2008

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Question   Beautiful Gallery
Hi, I happened upon your gallery asnd am pleased I did! You have great shots!

-  September 14, 2008

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Question   Gallery
your gallery is so beautiful and inspiring!!

- Dawn M. Schneider August 22, 2008

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Question   GREAT PHOTOS!
Hi Carolyn:) Your photos are beautiful!!!

- Albert Smirnov July 30, 2008

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