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Question   Photos
Just Beautiful..

- Marsha Carrington June 23, 2008

  Answer hay my name is lisa jane I am looking for a pet cow

- lisa jane hina ferris  June 30, 2009

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Question   Great photos
Really Nice work, Carolyn.
Lot of beautiful images here.

- Rubeena KP May 25, 2008

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Question   Inspirational....
Carolyn, Your gallery is an inspiration to those of us who can only hope to become this good. Your images show how you truly enjoy the art of photography. God Bless......and thanks for sharing your world with all of us.

- Amanda Botterweck April 09, 2008

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Question   Wonderful
Just to let you know how much I enjoyed looking at your portfolio. We certainly have similar tastes. Very nice!

- Joline Frazier March 29, 2008

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Question   your art
Amazing you are the color-master, the beauty of your photographs are at a higher level of art and expression. Thanks for sharing this beautiful ones. NEMIL.......

- Nemil B. Chabebe March 24, 2008

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Question   Lovely Photos
I am a new Better Photo member and saw your flower photo from the fire. Am very glad you are OK and also your beloved pets and of course the camera.
Your photos are just lovely.
It was a pleasure to look at your web site.
Not sure if I will ever get any "editor's picks" on better photo let alone anything more, but it is fun to see the images and photographers that do well. Congratulations.

-  March 04, 2008

  Answer Wow.
The Maine slide show was enough to bring tears....your pictures are nothing short of amazing. Have you been to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, ME. If not, consider it for your next trip East.
I am in NH and will be back to see more of your photos as time permits. Thanks again for stopping in my gallery....

- Tocky Bialobrzeski  March 16, 2008

  Answer Your Gallery amaze me... I enjoy browsing your photo's

Thanks for sharing keep them coming


- Buddy Venturanza  September 17, 2008


- mens albert  November 22, 2009

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Question   Your Landscapes
I really love your photos. It has let me know that I am on the right track with my work. My web site has a number of different types of photos also. I really like your work. Thank you again for your comments on my photo.

-  February 24, 2008

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Question   HI Carolyn
I was browing through your photo's, AWSOME girl!!!
I will be back to keep looking, love looking at all the pictures!!!
Keep up the FANTASTIC job!!!

-  February 23, 2008

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Question   beautiful
Love all your pictures they are beautiful!!!

-  February 18, 2008

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Question   Excellent
All your Photographies are full of color and style.
Thank you for your art testimony .
Alfonso Garcia

- Alfonso Garcia February 17, 2008

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Question   First visit!
Hello! I have been to your BP gallery lots of times but this is my first visit to this site. It will not be my last! Really beautiful, inspiring work!

- Kimi A. Phillips February 13, 2008

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Question   Beautiful
Just popped in to see your gallery... Stunning work, as always.

- Damian P. Gadal February 11, 2008

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Question   Just saying hi!
I have so enjoyed browsing your website. Your work is very inspiring!

- Danielle Fuller February 08, 2008

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Question   Hello again
Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy browsing your site. The images are an inspiration to me and I've learned a lot just from the viewing. Keep them coming. Cheers, Dale

- Dale Hardin February 03, 2008

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Question   breath taking
Hi carolyn, I was looking for an old friend of mine call carolyn fletcher and I stumbled across your site. I was not looking for photos but on seeing your winning picture it has made my day, week or even year. what I would like to know is how do I go about getting a copy for my house, kind regards, Alan Bleeks

-  January 30, 2008

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Question   Inspiring
Hi, Carolyn....I just wanted to tell you I find your work very inspiring and enjoyable to gaze upon. A wonderful gallery full of eye-candy---and wow-factor---images! You have a very talented eye for composition and light. :-)

- Cary Rogers January 27, 2008

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Question   Comment "Just a Thank you"
Hi Carolyn I too have visited your gallery Betterphoto Wow !!! your photos are beautiful - I enjoyed reading your bio both BP and here and all your wonderful comments as well as the photography a joy. I will be back there is so much to take in - an inspiration = thank you so very much Barbara (Betterphoto Member)

- Barbara Mason January 07, 2008

  Answer Thanks so much everybody. It's so nice to have your work appreciated by others. I'm having a lot of trouble with arthritis lately and hope I'll still be able to keep it up once the weather warms up. Again, I appreciate all of you so much!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  January 08, 2008

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Question   Beautiful pics
Just wanted to say I just browsed through your images and they are absolutely beautiful each and everyone one of them, you can't just comment on one they are all fantastic. I looked at your gallery on better photo and thought all the pics in the gallery were really good, this web site is really beautiful.
Well done keep up the great work, I have added you to my favourite photography list.

- Kim Andelkovic January 02, 2008

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Question   PRAISE!!
Hello Carolyn, was linked to your site and I absolutely love your work...you are a natural...and an inspiring individual, I hope to that amazing some day...Thank you, Marly

-  December 07, 2007

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Question   Your Gallery
Hello Carolyn,came to your page via a link from BetterPhoto. Have enjoyed looking at your pics. You have some beauties.

- Vickie Burt December 04, 2007

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