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Question   Thank you
Thank you for commenting on my photo "I Spy" - (my dog looking out of the grass with one eye). After your comment I traveled through your gallery and it is absolutely outstanding! I love the grey cat, I love Flooded Trio...I love Some People go to great lengths. I could go on and on... Now a question, how do you get that type of reflection found in your Flooded Trio...if you care to share that would be great. Thanx

- Jane Hirst November 15, 2007

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Question   PRAISE

-  November 09, 2007

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Question   Comment
Carolyn, just ran across your BP site where I found your images to be awesome, then clicked onto this site and found even more gorgeous images. Love your photos. The fall images are my absolute favorites and just awesome.

- Shirley A. Kinney October 24, 2007

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Question   Comment
Carolyn, you have such a beautiful website!! I was thrilled with the aquarium section being such a marine lover myself!! Fantastic work!!

- Laurence Saliba October 20, 2007

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Question   Your gallery
I am in awe of your work. Absolutely stunning images.

- Erin Appelbaum September 13, 2007

  Answer Beautiful work, Carolyn. I am in Awe. Melinda

- Melinda F. Schneider  January 29, 2008

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Question   Your Gallery
Hello Carolyn,
I love your gallery, your recently posted image of the yellow coneflower brought me here to see more. Your images are amazing and I especially love your creativeness with the flood filter.
I have CS2 and just getting acqainted with it but I don't think that filter is there.
Awsome work !!

- Norma Jean Stevens August 25, 2007

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Question   Gallery comment
Hi Carolyn

Your gallery and photos are just 'BEAUTIFUL'. Was about to comment on a photo on BP and saw this site address.

You are doing an awesome job on your photography.

Now, back to BP and try and catch up...

- eileen bedford July 30, 2007

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Question   Hello friend.
1 thanks for you comments on my photo & I see all you photo's you see very nice photographer.
I have seen 2or3 page of your photo's but all of them winer or finalist..
Cangragilation dear friend !

-  June 07, 2007

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Question   Photographs in general
simply superb carolyn, great work. Just keep going and all the very best in life. God bless you.

-  May 21, 2007

  Answer hi love your photo you have a gift and you said amateur....no way you very good,i send you a e-mail about the scam

-  June 03, 2007

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Question   Your Pictures
Your pictures are beautiful how lucky you are to be able to live where you live. Also lucky us that you have a good camera, and the ability to share the beauty that you capture with us. Thank you so much for shareing what some of us will never see any other way. I will definately tell others about your website and will come back myself. Thank you very much

-  May 01, 2007

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Question   Oklahoma Beauty
Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Our Oklahoma is so beautiful...and you do it justice.

-  April 26, 2007

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Question   wow!
just had a long look at your images Carolyn, can't believe that my attention was held for 140+ sunsets, but they were truly spectacular. No way could I pick a single favorite.

You certain live in a very picturesque area and you have captured it's beauty very nicely. Keep up the awesome work! I have enjoyed your images immensely.

- Bernie J. Boutin April 21, 2007

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Question   Just passing through again :0)
I love to visit your web site Carolyn! Nice to see the new grand baby is being documented and I'll return to the ice shots this summer when it is HOT and HUMID here in Houston. I'm crushed that you don't have my link on your site (LOL) but here it is if you want to add it: http://www.grigsbys.smugmug.com/
Your photos just keep getting better and better my friend!! I'll be back.

- Murry Grigsby April 21, 2007

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Question   Thank You
Dear Carolyn
You gave me a compliment on one of my photos on "betterphoto" a few years ago. For some reason I looked at it again today and recalled how much it meant to me back then. I have not taken photos for a long time. After looking at yours I feel inspired again. Thank you.
Marguerite - South Africa

- Marguerite Scheepers April 18, 2007

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Question   Photos
Love your photos and website. Do you do much with photoshop on them?
Would appreciate comments on my photos so I can improve them like yours!!!
www.timhacker-docshots.com Thanks tbh

-  March 25, 2007

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Question   Baby Lily
Baby Lily is so cute I just want to kiss her all over

-  February 28, 2007

  Answer You'll probably get the chance since you're her Aunt!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  February 28, 2007

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Question   New baby
Caronly, your new Great, Granddaughter is so beautiful and so are the portaits you have photographed of her.
Enjoy her!!!

- Charlene Bayerle February 26, 2007

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Question   Very Nice Site
Very nice site. It is put togeather very well, and the pictures are wonderful.

-  December 12, 2006

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Question   Great Pictures
I love your Pictures.

-  December 05, 2006

  Answer Thanks Lisa! Good to hear from you!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  December 06, 2006

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Question   amazing
I loved your galley so much.. it is really nice..



- Abdusalam A. Al-Tuwijri October 28, 2006

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