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Question   WOW WOW awesome gallery
You're gallery is FABULOUS, Carolyn! I just opened my deluxe gallery.(still learning) Don't have a lot of photos, but wanted to check out a few galleries, and your gallery is one of my very favorites! Love your images!!!!!

- Anita Hogue October 10, 2006

  Answer Thanks Anita! I really appreciate the nice comments. I'm still trying to learn also. I guess it's a never ending process, don't you think?

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  October 10, 2006

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Question   Great Eye
Hi Carolyn - I've always enjoyed your eye for a good pic! Your website is lovely, you obviously live in a gorgeous part of the world.

- Robyn Gwilt October 06, 2006

  Answer Thanks so much, Robyn! You don't do so bad yourself!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  October 06, 2006

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Question   Attention Car Show People
Send me your email address and which car you want to see and I'll attempt to get it on site asap. Email is fletch@kcnet.org

- Carolyn M. Fletcher August 01, 2006

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Question   show cars
Dropped in to see if you had the photos from Eufaula car show yet. Love the site. (BEAUTIFUL). Cant wait to see more. Eve

-  July 31, 2006

  Answer Yeah me too just dropped in to see some cool photos

-  August 30, 2006

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Question   Great Images.
Hi Carloyn,

Thought I'd check back in to view some more of your great work!

I haven't had much time to post on BetterPhoto lately as I've been busy working on my first book. I'd love to send you a copy if you could send me your address.

You can check more details on my site.

Best wishes,


- Mike Hollman July 31, 2006

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Question   Your people pictures
Your a photobug after my own heart. I have grandkids I follow around with a camera, sometimes to their frustration. Little Emilee is such a beautiful model. You have a gift for capturing a mood. So glad I came!

- Lee Anne French July 19, 2006

  Answer Thanks! Emilee is my neighbor's granddaughter. She's a little pro. Now she's starting to direct...Heaven help us.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  July 19, 2006

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Question   I just wanted to let you know I stopped by
This is Ted's daughter-in-law. I just wanted to let you know I stopped by your website. You are one great photographer! Your pictures are beautiful! Thank you for taking such a cool picture of Ted and Emmie. We have it framed and sitting on our mantle. See you at the lake next time we make it down.

-  July 14, 2006

  Answer Thanks Janna! Those two were the only decent shots I got that night! Not used to that camera yet. See you soon!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  July 14, 2006

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Question   Simple praise
Carolyn, I just went through all of your Beavers Bend shots and woweee! I can't wait to go in the fall and see if I can come up with anything anywhere as good as yours.

- Marsha S. Smith May 24, 2006

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Question   Impressed!
Hello Carolyn,

I just perused your website to catch up on some your most recent stuff and I'm in awe!
I really liked "Dogwood Trio", "Amazing April Afterglow" and "Morning Magic".
You really have a unique vision.

- Bob Cammarata May 07, 2006

  Answer Thanks Batman!!! Glad you like them!!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  May 07, 2006

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Question   Can't wait to move!
My husband and I are moving to Tulsa next year from Florida and I searched the web front and back for some pictures of Oklahoma, then I found yours at TravelOK.com. They are exactly what I was looking for. I do photography as a hobby (just learning) and I prefer the landscape in OK to Florida. After seeing your work, I really can not wait to move there. I only hope I will take as beautiful photos as you have. Your work is absolutely amazing, I look forward too seeing more.

-  April 28, 2006

  Answer Thanks Aimee. Contact me when you get here and I'll give you some ideas on where to go and when. You will love Oklahoma! It's a beautiful state.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  April 28, 2006

  Answer Great, I won't be there for a little over a year but I look forward to it.

-  April 28, 2006

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Question   Fantastic Gallery
Love your gallery Carolyn!! Your work is awesome! I love all your wonderful images! Your work is incredible! Wende

- Wende Trew April 09, 2006

  Answer Thanks Wende! Your portraits are wonderful, too. You don't need to take a back seat to anyone!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  April 09, 2006

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Question   Great website!
I just wanted you to know that I am very impressed by your work. I really enjoyed looking at your website and gallery.

- Melissa Papaj March 22, 2006

  Answer Thank you Melissa! Glad you like it!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  March 22, 2006

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Question   praise
Hi Carolyn- been looking at your "buzzed" photos- I am so impressed! I am trying to learn to do this technique as well as you do- I have a long way to go! any suggestions for me?

-  January 19, 2006

  Answer I just sort of play around with it. I only use Simplifier #1 and usually from 5-20%. Occasionally I'll go higher such as the Fly Shop Buzzed one in my Beaver's Bend gallery.. that's 32%, but that's really unusual that I'll go that high. Also refer to Murry Grigsby's website, he's the best buzzer among us. It's www.photomurrage.com

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  January 19, 2006

  Answer Thanks so much Carolyn- Murry's site seems to be down- but I found some of his stuff on pbase. I do appreciate it! Now I need to get to work! BTW- love your state- we get there often to camp and scuba dive Lake Tenkiller! Your shot of Cookston Hills is just fabulous!

-  January 20, 2006

  Answer Let me know next time you get here. I'm pretty close to Tenkiller. We can get together.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  January 20, 2006

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Question   finalist photos
Viewed your finalist photos. Really great. You certainly have talent. Enjoy looking at your pictures, liked the sinking car. Vic

- Victor J. January 18, 2006

  Answer Thanks a lot, Victor! I appreciate the nice comment!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  January 18, 2006

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Question   your portfolio
what a great display of your fine photographic ability...really nice to see...

- Joe Ciccone December 09, 2005

  Answer Thanks so much, Joe!! I love your gallery, too! It's awesome!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  December 09, 2005

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Question   What do you shoot and how for your sunsets?
Thanks for your site, I used to go to OKC for schooling (FAA). I didn't know that the southeast of OK was so pretty and not flat!..:) Pretty.
The pets, I have one very spoiled dog who won't even let me get a shot of him hardly.

- James E. Coleman December 03, 2005

  Answer I just use my "night mode" for most of the sunsets. This end of Oklahoma is all hilly and beautiful, unlke the other end, although they have some pretty areas, too. I just love this state!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  December 03, 2005

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Question   Praise
I too am in my 60's but have been shooting way more than five years. Wish I had your eye. Wonderful photos. If you ever get to central Ohio I'd love to follow you around for a day.

- David Phalen December 01, 2005

  Answer Thanks for the nice comments!! I don't know if I'll ever make it to Ohio, but there are a lot of BetterPhoto people around the Cincinatti area.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  December 01, 2005

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Question   Your Artistic Eye
I am a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia,I got deep passion for photography and collection of Camera.I got 100 plus old and new Cameras.from Kodak Medalist to Nikon F5.Last July I bought my first Digital Nikon Coolpix 8800.I am 58 Male,I have taken early retirement to persue my passion i.e.Photography in Pakistan.bcoz Saudi Arabia is a closed Country.
I was mesmerised looking at your Sunrise and Sunset shots and the Car shots.You got a natural talent and It is reflected in each of your shots.May Allah(God) give you more zeal and tenacity and get more amazing shots and the let the world enjoy.Ameen

-  December 01, 2005

  Answer Thank you for the nice thoughts!! I appreciate it very much.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  December 01, 2005

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Question   IMAGING
I admire what you have done as regards the imaging of your photographs. Which programme do you use? After five years I've just about got to grips with Photoshop.

-  December 01, 2005

  Answer I have Photoshop 6 and 7, plus a few plugins. I'm still trying to learn it, too. Not an easy thing. I have some CD's that explain it pretty well, but they are so tedious I'm having a hard time sitting through them, even though they do give some good tips.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  December 01, 2005

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Question   Amazing Work
WOW!! Beautiful pictures!! Love your sunsets. My husband and I enjoy looking at your pet photos. I have marked your site and plan on visting it again. Very inspiring.

- Debbie Nelson November 20, 2005

  Answer Thanks Debbie!! I love sunsets. Come back any time!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 21, 2005

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