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from  Can't wait to move!

My husband and I are moving to Tulsa next year from Florida and I searched the web front and back for some pictures of Oklahoma, then I found yours at They are exactly what I was looking for. I do photography as a hobby (just learning) and I prefer the landscape in OK to Florida. After seeing your work, I really can not wait to move there. I only hope I will take as beautiful photos as you have. Your work is absolutely amazing, I look forward too seeing more. Previous Response:
from Carolyn M. Fletcher
on April 28, 2006
 Thanks Aimee. Contact me when you get here and I'll give you some ideas on where to go and when. You will love Oklahoma! It's a beautiful state. Previous Response:
on April 28, 2006
 Great, I won't be there for a little over a year but I look forward to it. 

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