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from  Your Artistic Eye

I am a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia,I got deep passion for photography and collection of Camera.I got 100 plus old and new Cameras.from Kodak Medalist to Nikon F5.Last July I bought my first Digital Nikon Coolpix 8800.I am 58 Male,I have taken early retirement to persue my passion i.e.Photography in Pakistan.bcoz Saudi Arabia is a closed Country.
I was mesmerised looking at your Sunrise and Sunset shots and the Car shots.You got a natural talent and It is reflected in each of your shots.May Allah(God) give you more zeal and tenacity and get more amazing shots and the let the world enjoy.Ameen Previous Response:
from Carolyn M. Fletcher
on December 01, 2005
 Thank you for the nice thoughts!! I appreciate it very much. 

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