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from  praise

Hi Carolyn- been looking at your "buzzed" photos- I am so impressed! I am trying to learn to do this technique as well as you do- I have a long way to go! any suggestions for me? Previous Response:
from Carolyn M. Fletcher
on January 19, 2006
 I just sort of play around with it. I only use Simplifier #1 and usually from 5-20%. Occasionally I'll go higher such as the Fly Shop Buzzed one in my Beaver's Bend gallery.. that's 32%, but that's really unusual that I'll go that high. Also refer to Murry Grigsby's website, he's the best buzzer among us. It's  Previous Response:
on January 20, 2006
 Thanks so much Carolyn- Murry's site seems to be down- but I found some of his stuff on pbase. I do appreciate it! Now I need to get to work! BTW- love your state- we get there often to camp and scuba dive Lake Tenkiller! Your shot of Cookston Hills is just fabulous! Previous Response:
from Carolyn M. Fletcher
on January 20, 2006
 Let me know next time you get here. I'm pretty close to Tenkiller. We can get together. 

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